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Git Hook

isort provides a hook function that can be integrated into your Git pre-commit script to check Python code before committing.

To cause the commit to fail if there are isort errors (strict mode), include the following in .git/hooks/pre-commit:

#!/usr/bin/env python
import sys
from isort.hooks import git_hook

sys.exit(git_hook(strict=True, modify=True, lazy=True, settings_file=""))

If you just want to display warnings, but allow the commit to happen anyway, call git_hook without the strict parameter. If you want to display warnings, but not also fix the code, call git_hook without the modify parameter. The lazy argument is to support users who are "lazy" to add files individually to the index and tend to use git commit -a instead. Set it to True to ensure all tracked files are properly isorted, leave it out or set it to False to check only files added to your index.

If you want to use a specific configuration file for the hook, you can pass its path to settings_file. If no path is specifically requested, git_hook will search for the configuration file starting at the directory containing the first staged file, as per git diff-index ordering, and going upward in the directory structure until a valid configuration file is found or MAX_CONFIG_SEARCH_DEPTH directories are checked. The settings_file parameter is used to support users who keep their configuration file in a directory that might not be a parent of all the other files.