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Using isort with pre-commit

isort provides official support for pre-commit.

isort pre-commit step

To use isort's official pre-commit integration add the following config:

  - repo:
    rev: 5.8.0
      - id: isort
        name: isort (python)
      - id: isort
        name: isort (cython)
        types: [cython]
      - id: isort
        name: isort (pyi)
        types: [pyi]

under the repos section of your projects .pre-commit-config.yaml file.


Older versions of isort used a lot of magic to determine import placement, that could easily break when running on CI/CD. To fix this, a utilitiy called seed-isort-config was created. Since isort 5 however, the project has drastically improved its placement logic and ensured a good level of consistency across environments. If you have a step in your pre-commit config called seed-isort-config or similar, it is highly recommend that you remove this. It is guaranteed to slow things down, and can conflict with isort's own module placement logic.